The untold history of the cookie cake, recruiting’s must-have dessert

February 01st 2018

Check the social media page of any top recruit between August and the end of January, and chances are you'll find a picture of a cookie cake. The pizza-sized cookie, precisely frosted around the edges, almost always bearing the name of a college, is ubiquitous this time of year.

When a recruit arrives at campus on an official visit, his hotel is adorned with snacks, beverages and, almost always, a well-thought-out cookie cake.

How did we get here? How did the cookie cake become the recruiter's go-to confection?

"I think nobody probably knows where it started, but everybody has seen other schools doing it, so they started it," Clemson co-offensive coordinator Jeff Scott said. "I think everybody in the country does that or something similar to it. Now it's a staple to pretty much all official visits."

As clouded in mystery as the origins are, the few coaches who remember say cookie cakes had their humble origins at Army, of all places, when Bob Sutton became head coach in 1991.


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