Montgomery Youths’ Viral Story Leads to Cookie Date Cancer Benefit

October 09th 2016

Two Montgomery Intermediate School students' special friendship received nationwide attention in recent weeks. Now the young Bears hope to draw attention to helping children battling cancer.

Sherri Rodriguez, 11, and Cole Lanclos, 10, first caught each other's eye at Lone Star Elementary School in the second grade, leading to their relationship that started one year ago in the fourth grade. Sherri cheers Cole on at his Banditos baseball games, and he roots for her at Rush Montgomery soccer matches.

But during her first tournament in competitive soccer last month, Sherri suffered a devastating injury. While running fast across the field against a defender, Sherri attempted to change direction and felt a pop. She had broken the top part of her tibia resulting in a separation from the ACL, her mother Nicole Rodriguez said.

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